I was Cloned & Spliced From You & My Mortal Parent's D.N.A.!

Grim Replied "Yes. But There was an Electrical Power Overload, which caused a malfunction!","And thus, he was born, Dark Flare, my pyschautic evil alter-ego! I lost control of my emotions that day. I can still hear his cry for mercy to this day. I curse that day even now! Because, of him, my Father never got to experience my childhood, or my 13th birthday! So, did you come here to say your sorry for not being a better father figure."
"I've come to deliver you, your first mission! If you accept it willingly, you will be given the power to control fire, as well as magma that's sealed deep inside the planet, Neo-Earth!" replied Grim. "And, if I refuse, what happens then?" said Brad, rudely. Grim replied "You will be killed by Leviathan, The Demon Of The Deep Seas, & The Death Reaper, Destroyer of The Undead, without so much as a fight, or say in the matter!"
Brad shouted,"They can try, but they don't know me that well, right?" Grim replied "Wrong!!! They know you better than you know yourself! Because, they have been watching & Studying You since the day you were born!" Brad shouted "Fine, I'll Accept Your So-Called Mission!"

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