Grim Reaper

Brad, I have come for thee!

Brad was Sleeping in His Skull & Crossbones patterned Bed. When suddenly for no apparent reason, Brad's room caught on fire. Brad didn't feel a thing,because the fire recognized him as the son it's Grandmaster's grandson! Brad's Closet suddenly opened, & outstepped the Archangel Of Death, & Leader Of The Horsemen Of Apcalypse, The Grim Reaper, Himself!
The Grim Reaper said menacingly, Brad, I've Have Come For Thee!" Brad said in his sleep, "Maria, could you turn down the A.C.! Thank You, Honey!" He Then, Kissed his Flaming Pillow! The Reaper said "He's Just Like I was As A Child! Well, I Better Wake Him Up!" He put on his gloves & shoved Brad!
Brad instantly woke up! Brad Screamed "Who Are The Heck Are You! What Did You Do To My Beautiful Room!" The Grim Reaper said " I Am The Grim Reaper! You can call me Grim, or Father-In-Law, & No, you are not dead yet!" Brad said " You're my real father, aren't you! I Was Cloned & Spliced From You & My Mortal Parents D.N.A."

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