“Demon Seeker”

On October 13, 1313 A.D., an immortal boy named Tork Shinukai, brother to Stark & Stacy Shinukai, & son to Mary and Linx Shinukai! He was blind yet, saw with his other senses. He could kill, see, hear, banish, & eat demons. Stark Shinukai was jealous of his young brother, because he was the Favorite Of The Three children.

      immortal, t unlike his Blond-haired, Light Blue-Eyed Brother, he killed, see, hear, corrupt, & condemn angels. He had Black hair & Dark-red Eyes. He was obessessed with death & the darkness. He was practicing in the dark arts. He summoned a demon ogre named "Onimaru the Butcher"! The demon said "Master, who may I kill for you!" Stark said "I want you to kill my ten-year old brother, Tork Shinukai! Kill Anyone That Gets In Your Way!!!" Onimaru said "I just met you & I already like you as a master! You are worthy of my evil services. They won't know what killed him. Bwa Ha Ha Ha!" Stark said "Make him suffer & slowly kill him!"

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